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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

autumn in december

 photo IMG_1032_zpsc8456513.jpg  photo IMG_1048_zps9612bc3e.jpg  photo IMG_1064_zps71fa4f47.jpg  photo IMG_1046_zps1684adbd.jpg  photo IMG_1082_zps82d847b0.jpg  photo IMG_1084_zpsae28e150.jpg  photo IMG_1088_zpsa562d067.jpg
 photo IMG_1079_zps7a18fcdf.jpg t-shirt H&M cardigan Gina Tricot duffle coat Taiwan jeans Bik Bok shoes CAT

How amazing is this weather?! I feel like it's September or October, with the sun shining and everything looking just so beautiful. As much as I love it, I can't help but be a little blue about the fact that there still is not snow...I mean let's face it, that's what the Finnish winter is all about.

Wearing my red duffle coat, which is actually one of my favorites but I somehow always forget about it. I love the casualty of it paired with my CAT boots. I was seriously considering getting Timberland's as they seem to be a classier (and currently more popular) version of these boots, but I like the edgyness and "street credibility" that these have so I'll keep my CAT boots.

What do you guys think about the outfit (or more importantly, the weather)?

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