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Monday, November 17, 2014

air max 90

 photo IMG_0719_zps6a57da35.jpgNike Air Max 90

I've been craving for Nike Air Maxes ever since I came back from Beijing back in Summer 2013, but it hasn't exactly been easy to find a pair that a person as picky as I am would actually like. I wanted my first pair to be ones that would match with as many of my clothes as possible, so anything girly with pink like most Air Maxes for women are was not an option for me - then again plain white or plain black ones seemed so boring and don't really bring out the shape and styling of Air Maxes well enough. Now that I found these black-and-white beauties with a hint of coralish red from a kid's (boys!!) section, I knew I had to get them. I love love love these sneakers and I guarantee that I'll be wearing them until the snow comes since I finally met my match made in sneaker heaven.

What do you guys think?

P.S. Don't forget to ask questions here!

Olen himoinnut Air Maxeja kesästä 2013 lähtien, mutta tälläisenä nirsona ihmisenä on ollut vaikeaa löytää itseäni miellyttävää paria. Halusin ensimmäisen parini olevan sellaiset jotka menisivät mahdollisimman monien asujeni kanssa yhteen, joten mitkään tyttömäisen pinkit kuten suurin osa naisille tarjottavista Air Maxeista ovat eivät olleet vaihtoehtona - toisaalt kokomustat tai -valkoiset ovat mielestäni tylsät eivätkä korosta kenkien mallia tarpeeksi. Nyt kun löysin nämä mustavalkoisen ihanuudet tilkalla korallia lasten (poikien!!) osastolta tiesin, että nämä oli hankittava. Mä rakastan näitä lenkkareita ja vakuutan käyttäväni näitä kunnes lumikelit iskevät, sillä olen vihdoinkin löytänyt täydellisen parini kenkien taivaassa.

Mitä mieltä siellä ollaan?

P.S. Älkää unohtako esittää kysymyksiä täällä!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

ask me

It's been a super long time since I had an ask-post here on the blog, so I decided to do one again. So basically you can ask me anything you want and as many questions you like, just remember to have good taste and judgment while asking. I most likely will not answer questions I find too personal, but that hasn't happened before so I am hoping it wont happen this time either. 
My previous ask posts can be found here, but I honestly don't mind answering to questions that have been asked before since I feel like I've changed so much in a short amount of time so the answers will most likely differ as well. So go ahead and shoot! 

If there aren't enough questions then I'll just answer them in the comment box, but let's hope you guys can figure out enough questions to be asked!

Siitä on kulunut pieni ikuisuus kun viimeksi pistin kysymyspostauksen blogiin, joten päätin tehdä sellaisen uudestaan. Eli periaatteessa voit kysyä minulta mitä vaan ja niin monta kysymystä kun haluat, kuitenkin hyvän maun rajoissa. En todennäköisesti vastaa kysymyksiin joita pidän liian henkilökohtaisina, mutta sellaisia ei ole onneksi tullut täällä vastaan vielä kertaakaan eikä toivon mukaan myöskään tule. 
Edelliset kysymyspostaukset löytyvät täältä, mutta en suoraan sanottuna pistäisi pahaksi vastata samoihin/samankaltaisiin kysymyksiin uudestaan sillä koen, että olen muuttunut ihmisenä niin paljon lyhyessä ajassa. Joten olkaa hyvä ja kysykää!

Jos kysymyksiä ei tule tarpeeksi niin vastaan niihin sitten suoraan kommenttiboksiin, mutta toivotaan että keksitte tarpeeksi kysyttävää postausta varten!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

black widow

 photo IMG_0663_zps8602cc22.jpg  photo IMG_0664_zps734de350.jpg  photo IMG_0671_zps08359e8f.jpg  photo IMG_0701_zps972a0032.jpg 
How to be weird: 1. buy a black lipstick 2. wear it on the regular. 
I've been planning on getting a black lipstick for a while now, but it wasn't until Halloween that I realized that you could get it super cheap from any costume shop. Yesterday, a little late from Halloween, I picked it up and this is the result. The lipstick was a little too matte for my taste, so I added some black Rimmel lip gloss that I got from a sale few years back (I wonder why no one wanted it, haha). 
I must admit that it is a little wild even for me, but what do you guys think?

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

fashion killa

 photo IMG_0561_zps5b8557e6.jpg  photo IMG_0570_zps048d2555.jpg  photo IMG_0574_zps3683afaa.jpg  photo IMG_0578_zps4a27abbb.jpg  photo IMG_0582_zps8de2e99b.jpg  photo IMG_0636_zps4fe0e8cb.jpg 
Yesterday's outfit that I came up with, rocking my new AW x H&M combo. I love love love this set, not to mention the casualty of wearing it with a pair of sneakers and some nice hoops! Too bad it's too cold to actually sport this outside, but for future parties this is definitely a must. 
I kept my hair french braided even when heading off to work, and apparently they looked cute since I got complimented on them. What do you guys think?

Monday, November 10, 2014


 photo IMG_0379_zpsc7fc1d92.jpg  photo IMG_0412_zps9943169b.jpg 
So these are the little devils I fell for on my innocent window shopping spree Friday night, right before H&M closed. I am obsessed with this print, and I can't wait to wear this combo ASAP! 

Any opinions?

Sunday, November 9, 2014

red fox

 photo IMG_0415_zps5881a972.jpg  photo IMG_0419_zps587c59b4.jpg  photo IMG_0438_zps946314c6.jpg  photo IMG_0430_zpsbbfdfb8d.jpg  photo IMG_0444_zps652eedf6.jpg  photo IMG_0442_zps4c7fa28f.jpg  photo IMG_0447_zps808c39e3.jpg  photo IMG_0496_zpseef857b6.jpg baseball shirt Estradeur fur coat Beijing jeans Zara shoes Jeffrey Campbell 

Hi guys and Happy Father's Day! 

Introducing my new baseball shirt from my favorite streetstyle brand Estradeur, which I'm completely obsessed about - I ordered this and a basic white tank from Members last month already, but it wasn't until Monday that I actually received them due to their lousy shipping problems. But now I got it and I couldn't be more pleased so I guess we're all good. 
I managed to find a black pair of jeans from my closet that I completely forgot about (signs of having too many clothes..), so now I'm gonna manage with these for a while. I still want to get a new pair tho, since these are not skinny-fitted. Wearing my Lita Spikes for the first time in ages, I should definitely wear them more often again since their absolutely gorgeous and my favorite pair of Jeffrey's of all time. 
Can you guys believe that this fur coat I got from Beijing last summer now has an identical twin in Zara? How depressing, lets hope not too many will end up wearing it here in Turku... 

Any opinions on the outfit?

Saturday, November 8, 2014

you are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure

 photo IMG_0189_zps4387c547.jpg  photo IMG_0221_zps289d74e8.jpg  photo IMG_0236_zpsc8b33aaf.jpg  photo IMG_0204_zps9b48c95f.jpg  photo IMG_0248_zpsec4223f0.jpg  photo IMG_0247_zps17cd1007.jpg 

Tänään oli Mummin muistotilaisuus, ja päivä oli kaikessa kamaluudessaan hyvä - oli ihana nähdä omin silmin miten rakastettu ja kaivattu Mummini onkaan muidenkin kuin perheenjäsenien keskuudessa, vaikka sen tiesinkin entuudestaan. Kappelin paikkaa olisin vaihtanut mikäli olisin voinut, sillä mielestäni tuollainen kylmä ja kolkko betonipalikka ei välittänyt ollenkaan sellaista lämpöä mitä olisin tilaisuuteen kaivannut. Itse muistotilaisuus oli kuitenkin kaunis, ja tuntui hyvältä päästä sen jälkeen vaihtamaan kuulumisia niin sukulaisten kuin Mummin omien ystävienkin kanssa kakkukahvien merkeissä. 

Today was my grandma's memorial service, and it was a good day regardless of the reason why we were all gathered together - I found it so comforting to see with my own eyes how loved and missed my grandma is to people outside of the family as well, although I already knew that in advance. The service itself was beautiful, and it felt good to have a nice chat with some friends and family of grandma's afterwards with some coffee and tea. 

Your life was a blessing, your memory a treasure
You are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure

Friday, November 7, 2014

no type

 photo IMG_0108_zps78cee8dc.jpg  photo IMG_0115_zpsabd3b5da.jpg  photo IMG_0128_zps2d712c83.jpg  photo IMG_0179_zps8dc5f820.jpg shirt Alexander Wang x H&M leather shorts Zara tights Taiwan shoes eBay

I love black. And I love this shirt from Alexander Wang x H&M. And I love Alexander Wang x H&M so much that I may have made a few impulsive purchases just when I went out for a harmless window shopping trip earlier today...more about that later. Excuse my tired face, I have a slight flu (again...) and I'm getting my lashes fixed on Monday.

The shoes are new too, I'll come back to them later!

Thursday, November 6, 2014


 photo IMG_9887_zps5c878285.jpg  photo IMG_9899_zps0880483f.jpg  photo IMG_9913_zps7337480e.jpg 
I forgot to tell you guys how absolutely in love and excited I about the Alexander Wang for H&M collection, but the fact is that the collection came out today and I got myself this beautiful shirt which looks so much better on. Jontte managed to order the gloves I craved for online since I had troubles accessing the website, let's hope that they're just as awesome as they looked online. The only thing that I missed out on was the grey crop top, but I'm hoping that we'd meet some day in the future. 
To be honest I am way more obsessed with the collaboration than my bank account is, which is why I didn't get everything I wanted (which is pretty much everything...). 

What do you guys think about Alexander Wang x H&M?

Sunday, November 2, 2014

halloween x2

Last year I was super lame and did not dress up or even celebrate Halloween, so now that I got invited to a Halloween house party which lasted all weekend I just knew that I had to make up for it and get dressed up - twice. 
My costume for Friday is something I've wanted to do for a few years now - Catwoman is just such a fun and sexy character that I'm so glad I finally got the chance to do my own interpretation of it. The mask and whip I bought for the occasion, but rest are from my closet.
On Saturday it was time for the wild card - I got the crazy idea of being Miley Cyrus this year, and the outfit came out of my closet since I just ordered some really awesome stuff from H&M. My friends even said that this outfit looks like something I would wear on the regular when not considering the hair, haha!
 Apparently being Miley was much more fun than being Catwoman, since I feel awful and have barely any memory of what happened last night...

What do you guys think about the Halloween costumes? Which one do you prefer?