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Saturday, February 28, 2015


IMG_9890 IMG_9915 IMG_9895 IMG_9898 IMG_9902 IMG_9906 IMG_9900 top Primark cardigan Vintage jeggins Dr. Denim heels Jeffrey Cambell watch Betsey Johnson

I've had an exceptionally lazy week, spending many days at home chilling with no make-up on and watching Netflix. However, yesterday we went out with my mom to have some dinner after visiting my grandpa. My grandpa has been asking for our help in cleaning my grandma's old clothes, and also asked us to take whatever we wanted with us - this cardigan is one of those clothes I took with me. I like the vintage vibe in it, my grandma had great taste.

What do you guys think about the outfit?

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

helsinki shopping

I know I was supposed to post my Helsinki shopping about a week ago but I completely forgot, oops! 
So here they are, a little late as usual; 

IMG_9762 Bik Bok 9.95€ (original price 19.90€) 

I was looking for this clutch here in Turku, but apparently I missed it cause I didn't find it anywhere so I was so happy to find this in Espoo! I love the quote, and this is also my first white clutch so I'm sure I will be finding plenty of usage for this.
IMG_9765 Bik Bok 12.45€ (original price 24.90€) 

This adorable mini-Birkin lookalike just had to be bought! Bik Bok had a "buy 3 pay 2" deal going on with the sale items, so my Helsinki-Espoo hostess Anna got herself a new bag as well so that I could get my deal.

IMG_9774 Monki 12€ 

I've been looking for a beautiful black laced soft bra for a while now and I knew that Monki had perfect ones, so visiting Monki was a must! The price was a positive surprise, I was prepared to pay much more since Monki is pretty pricey in general.

IMG_9782 Monki 10€ 

I was just fooling around trying on sunglasses but these really got to me! I didn't have any regular black round glasses, so these were a good finding.

IMG_9792 Intersport 15€ (original price 35€) 

I was so so happy to find this Nike sportsbra on sale, since I've been wanting one for ages! They had grey and lilac, but I've been really into grey lately so this was a obvious choice.

IMG_9771 Bik Bok 14.90€ 

Although I got my perfect laced bra, finding this lace bustier/crop top was love at first sight. My new favorite!

What do you guys think about the shoppings?

Sunday, February 22, 2015


IMG_9828 IMG_9830 IMG_9873 IMG_9871 IMG_9869 fur coat 2nd hand

My new favorite coat was a finding from UFF second hand store on Thursday. I've been wanting a fur coat for a while now, so I was so lucky to find this one for a rather reasonable price - and to know that the profits go to a good cause is a good thing as well.
 I know wearing fur is a subject that really divides the crowd, but I personally don't find buying a used/vintage fur coat as bad as getting a new on from the store and I know for a fact that I will be inheriting a few fur coats from other family members in the future as well.  

What do you guys think about the coat?

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

happy chinese new year

IMG_9821 IMG_9813 IMG_9811 IMG_9810 

Hi guys and Happy Chinese New Year! 

Today we made a bunch of good food with my mom and simply enjoyed a great New Year's meal. I still wanted to something traditional, which is why I had my mom do a really simple hairdo on me. What do you guys think? 

I'll be posting my shoppings from HKI most likely tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Monday, February 16, 2015

hki had me like

Hey guys! I just came back from a fun weekend in Helsinki, and I'm so full of energy now after three days of relaxing, bonding and having a great time. 

I found some really awesome things from Helsinki that I can't wait to share with you guys, so more on the blog later.

Friday, February 13, 2015

new in: adidas

IMG_9912 IMG_9890 IMG_9900 

My newest addition to the Adidas family. It was love at first sight with the grey tee, and I've been wanting the Lakers tank dress forever so it was about time to get it now that I found it on sale. Feeling so lucky! 

Any opinions on the new things?

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


IMG_9845 IMG_9833 IMG_9832 IMG_9839 IMG_9848 IMG_9863 IMG_9864 IMG_9854  shirt Gina Tricot jeggins Dr. Denim snapback Beijing sneakers Adidas Superstar

Outfit from today. I got this shirt earlier this week and I like it so much!
Not only that it's super comfy, but it looks great too.
I didn't have any white longsleeves in my closet before this, so I consider it a wise purchase. 
I'm gonna be having a fun weekend ahead of me, since I bought a bus ticket to Helsinki to see my lovely friend A! It's been six months since I was in Helsinki, so it's about time to visit our awsm capital again.

What do you guys think about the outfit?

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


IMG_9786 IMG_9794  Reebok Classic Leather
Behold, my newest addition to the sneaker family - and surprisingly it's neither a pair of Nike's or Adidas but Reeboks
I was actually looking for these already back in Gdansk but I couldn't find them anywhere so I suppose they're just not that in there yet. Here they were quite pricey (85€ in the store), but I managed to get a voucher to Sportamore and got them for a bit over 60 euros which was a very fair price if you ask me.
The Reebok Freestyle's used to be my favorite pair of sneakers back in Jr. High, but these are a more updated and "mature" version I guess.

What do you guys think, like it or nah?

Sunday, February 8, 2015

girly girl

IMG_9663 IMG_9665 IMG_9667 IMG_9683 IMG_9734 IMG_9711
IMG_9704 shirt Asos jeggins Dr. Denim jacket H&M fur scarf Zara gloves Mohito leather boots Stradivarius

Outfit from Thursday. I got this beautiful fur collar from Zara's sales and oh boy I love it so! I've been waiting for it to become cheaper along it's leopard twin ever since the sales started, so now that they were only 7.95 euros each I finally got them for myself. I thought that the collar matched pretty well with these new gloves I got from Poland, what do you guys think?

Being girly has not exactly been my favorite thing to do lately, so it was nice to put on something feminine for a change. I am obsessed with these boots, they're just so beautiful!
Any opinions on the more girly outfit?

Asu torstailta. Ostin tämän upean karvahuivin Zaran loppualeista ja voi että kun tykkään! Olen odottanut tämän ja leopardisen kaksosen hinnanlaskua siitä asti kun alet alkoivat heti joulun jälkeen, joten nyt kun ne olivat enää 7.95 euroa kappale päätin ne vihdoinkin kotiuttaa. Mielestäni karvahuivi sopi aika kivasti yhteen Puolasta ostamani uusien hanskojen kanssa, vai mitä mieltä siellä ollaan?

Tyttömäinen pukeutumistyyli ei ole kuulunut tapoihini viime aikoina, joten oli mukavaa vaihtelua kiskaista jotain naisellisempaa päälle. Olen täysin rakastunut näihin nahkasaappaisiin, ne ovat niin kauniit!
Mitä mieltä tästä tyttömäisestä asusta?

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

no fukks given

IMG_9530 IMG_9531 IMG_9546 IMG_9580 IMG_9574
IMG_9570  top Beijing long cardigan Gina Tricot sweatpants Bershka hat Vintage sneakers Nike Air Force 1 

Today's outfit. If you guys think that I look like I just woke up - well I did
For some reason I was up really late last night, and so I woke up at 2 pm and was in a super hurry to change on an outfit to photograph before it was too dark to do so.  
I got this beautiful hat from my dad, who happened to find it from our storage - it belonged to my late aunt, and I believe it's Finnish design. Just when I was about to buy myself a black hat! I wanted to try on my new sweatpants with some sneakers and I think it looks pretty good - what do you guys think about the outfit?

P.S. Style with Josephine is now on Instagram
I have a feeling that as an insta-addict I will be updating it frequently, so feel free to follow for the fastest posts and style pictures.