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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

no fukks given

IMG_9530 IMG_9531 IMG_9546 IMG_9580 IMG_9574
IMG_9570  top Beijing long cardigan Gina Tricot sweatpants Bershka hat Vintage sneakers Nike Air Force 1 

Today's outfit. If you guys think that I look like I just woke up - well I did
For some reason I was up really late last night, and so I woke up at 2 pm and was in a super hurry to change on an outfit to photograph before it was too dark to do so.  
I got this beautiful hat from my dad, who happened to find it from our storage - it belonged to my late aunt, and I believe it's Finnish design. Just when I was about to buy myself a black hat! I wanted to try on my new sweatpants with some sneakers and I think it looks pretty good - what do you guys think about the outfit?

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I have a feeling that as an insta-addict I will be updating it frequently, so feel free to follow for the fastest posts and style pictures.

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